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Body shape

Tips for flattering different body shape

what is the A/ pear body shape 

The hips and thighs are wider than the shoulders and bust. People with this body type tend to have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body


  • Shoulder :embellished tops,tapeer,Embroidered, printed, off shouder and cold shoulder tops
  • Sleeves/neckline:V- neck line,scoop-neck tops with wide necklines can have a visual effect of widening your shoulders. Sweetheart necklines that enhance your bust.
Dress sleeves: opt for strapless tops ,Wrap dresses, twist front tied , x-line, and a-line dresses can also make your shoulders and bust seem broader
  • Hip rear:looser fit around the hip area no accessories that draw attention to your hips.
  • Trousers:mid- to high-rise pants in straight, boot-cut, trouser-cut or flare styles. Loose fits and dark denim are preferable to avoid drawing attention to the lower body.
  • Skirt length: Choosing flowy dresses or skirts that skim over your hips instead of clinging to them.
  • Bottom:Emphasizing your waist choosing high-waisted pants or skirts. A-line skirts                   

what is O (apple) body shape

The upper body is larger than the lower body, with a fuller bust, waist, and stomach. People with this body type tend to carry weight in their midsection and may have slimmer legs and hips


  • Sleeves/neckline Streamline your frame and draw attention away from your middle-section by choosing sleeves/necklines that elongate your neck and highlight your decolletage. Cowl, round, and V-neck tops and dresses are great options.
  • Waistline: When it comes to waistlines, avoid accentuating the midsection. Opt for pants and skirts that sit at or below your natural waist to cover a slightly thicker waist and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Skirt length:Don't be hesitant to try on that short skirt that we already know you'll look stunning in.

Unique design: forunique design elements such as wrap dresses, A-line skirts, wrap tops, and tops with ruching or draping below the waist can create the illusion of a smaller waist.

What is V shape

The upper body is wider than the hips and thighs, creating a V-shape when viewed from the front. This body shape is also sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle.


  • Dress: Wearing horizontal stripes on your lower half will help balance out the size of your top
  • Halternecks will deftly counterbalance your broad shoulders.
  • waistline: To draw attention to your waist, look for shirts with knot details, tie belts, and elasticized middles.
  • V-necklines:V neckline lengthen your neck and minimize the prominence of your shoulders.
  • Unique style: You must look fantastic in wrap, empire-cut, and flowing dresses.
  • Special flatering tips: Chiffon, satin, and silk are examples of delicate, flowing fabrics that will
  • Bottom:Wide-leg pants, culottes, and A-line skirts can help you add volume to your lower half and achieve proportional equilibriumsoften your shoulder line.

what is X shape

Congratulation to you girls!you can define and freely choose your style.X-shaped body has a similar width in the shoulders and hips, with a narrow waist in between, creating an X-shape when viewed from the front. This body shape is also sometimes referred to as an hourglass figure.


  • Denim-wise:investing in a paid of fitted skinny jeans that show off your rounded derriere - if you've got it, flaunt it
  • Boot leg styles will also work well for your shape. It's almost like pencil skirts were matched well with your body. Have at least one in your wardrobe.

Wrap dresses and belts will look superb on you and wonderfully highlight your svelte waist. Colour wise, block colours will look chic on your curves.

what is H shape

 H shape is a body shape where the hips, waist, and shoulders are similar in width, creating a more rectangular or straight-up-and-down shape when viewed from the front. This body shape is also sometimes referred to as a rectangle shape.

To dress an H-shaped figure, create the illusion of curves by using flared silhouettes that cinch at the waist.

  • Top:Choose tops with asymmetric or dipped hems to play with proportion. Sweetheart necklines, breast pockets, front pleats, and ruffle details are great if you want to give your bust a boost.
  • Trousers:Flowing, wide-leg trousers add curves and volume to your lower body and look great on this body type.
  • Dress: opt for create shape with clever prints, cuts, and color



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Size Guide

Body Measurement

Size US UK EU Bust Waist Hip
XS 2 6 34 32.3-33.9 24.4-26 34.4-35.8
S 4 8 36 33.9-35.4 26-27.6 35.8-37.4
M 6 10 38 35.4-37 27.6-29.1 37.4-39
0XL 12 16 42 40.2-42.1 33.9-35.8 44.1-46.1
1XL 14-16 18-20 44-46 42.1-48 35.8-42.1 46.1-52
2XL 18-20 22-24 48-50 46.1-50 40.2-44.1 50-53.9
3XL 22-24 26-28 52-54 50-53.9 44.1-48 53.9-57.9
4XL 26 30 56 55.9-57.9 50-52 59.8-64.2
5XL 28 32 58 59.8-64.2 53.9-57.9 66.1-70.1
* Depending on your body type and dressing habits, the above sizes are for reference only.
How to Measure your Body?

1. Bust Measurement

To find your bust measurement, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest.

2. Waist Measurement

Measure your waist at its narrowest point to determine your waist measurement.

3. Hip Measurement

For your hip measurement, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips.

Product Measurements

* This data was obtained from manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2 CM.